Welcome to our new normal.  

Our story began with a simple idea: to create quality apparel that would inspire a community to break out of their norms whether it's through sports, activities or anything else. We watched as historical events unfolded during the pandemic and how societies reacted as drastic change became absolutely vital. The courage and strength on display moved millions into action and started revolutions. This same courage, we believe, can get us to seek out and achieve the dreams we once had as kids. The dreams that were shelved or tossed aside because they were thought of as "unrealistic" and did not conform to what was expected of us as everyday people. 

We can rewrite that script. It most definitely is possible, it's in our hands and in yours. 

At KOFT, we believe that every individual should be able to put their best foot forward on their journey for change, regardless of their background or circumstances. A small but significant part of that is what we wear and that's why we're committed to creating apparel that's not only functional and comfortable but also impeccably designed.

We're not just an apparel brand - we're a community. We would like to create more opportunities to support and encourage everyone we interact with, every step of the way. That's why we're committed to giving back in the little ways we can. (Click here to find out more).

Thank you for picking us on your journey to your new normal.